Using two Fighter Twisters and one X Touch Mini with Lightroom. So far it's working well except:

Unless detent is enabled, I'm having trouble using the switch (push) function without sending data from the knob (encoder). I have to be very careful when pushing the switch to NOT change the values of the knobs.

The knobs are very sensitive to any touch, sending values from the even slightest touch. I can't go by feel very well because of it. I have most switches mapped to reset the value of the knob, but most of the time the value won't stay at 0 because when I remove my finger from the switch the knob detects it and sends data.

So I tried turning on detent but that's a whole new problem. There's just too much dead space! It's like having the knobs in catch-up mode, if that's the right phrase, it's too hard to tell when the value should actually start changing. I waste time by either overshooting or by slowly creeping up to that point.

If the amount of dead space could be adjusted (reduce it) when using the detent function I think that would solve most if not all of these problems.

The XTouch Mini knobs (encoders) are completely different and I realize that. They have physical detents and I very rarely change one by accident. But the detent vs no detent setting on the Twisters is just too large of a difference. Like a sledge hammer vs a brad hammer, there needs to be something in between.

Am I missing something, or can that dead space be adjusted?

Thanks for any help!