My first post here ! Who's out there ?!

So there is already a mapping for download from djtechtools. However it is quite basic. The jogwheel is working as a pitch adjust nudge but not as a "vinyl" mode jogwheel (ie, scratching, spinbacks and so on). I'm not yet familiar with Traktor so I can't find the right control to map for that mode. It is currently set to "Jog Turn". But I need to learn Traktor mapping by the look of it as I became unhappy with Serato. 13 second startup time vs. 3 or 4 for Traktor. No way to sample directly loops into another deck as you can do with Traktor (although I have not learnt how to do this yet). The DJ-505 is a really nice controller especially with the Roland TR-S drum machine on it. This is not a sample based drum machine but uses mathematical modelling to reproduce the original sound of the 808, 909 and so on. I can't hear the difference between it and the real thing.

So I found the right controller but unfortunately Roland, in their wisdom, chose to go with Serato. Serato support is excellent. They got me setup with everything even converting an unneeded license into a DVS license. But the Serato software is something else and is not suitable for my needs. It has a funny interface that does not follow standard Windows GUI conventions. Also there is no numerical entry or right click on the interface elements. So I need to get a mapping sorted out for Traktor. In fact this looks good because once I've understood how to do it I can customise the controller to my needs, create special effects and so on using Traktor.

So DJ-505 owners are you out there ? Let's do this !

To start ...

1. What should I be mapping to, to get "Vinyl" control of the track via the controller wheel ? It sends out a pitch bend message as well as a note message when the direction is reversed.