I much prefer the music of the 90s early 2000s.

Old Sasha and digweed. They always seem to have great tracks (back then. Digweed seems to be suffering what im suffering these days)
Dark prog house, techno , house.

Music used to be a lot more epic.

I spend hours upon hours scouting beatport only to hear the same 3 or 4 styles of each genre repeated page after page.

Music used to be so unique. Every track sounded vastly different from the next now everything sounds so similar.

I used to buy records from a local shop and even though they would only get maybe 20 new tracks a week id still find 2 or 3 out if those 20 i wanted.
Now I go through thousands without finding anything interesting.
I swear producers now just try to sound like their favorite artist and just about no one is writing tunes of the quality we had back then. There's so little evolution though songs now. Its just loops. Loops loops loops. No emotion. No real direction. No journey.

Its damned frustrating.