exit search function Traktor 3.4.0
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    Default exit search function Traktor 3.4.0

    Hi all

    i always used a mapping on my keyboard to enter the search function, when finished i used "Esc" and all was good.

    But now with 3.4.0 the searchbox stays focussed and no way to exit with the keyboard. The only thing that works is Shift+Browserknob on X1 or Z2, or using the mouse. I had mapped 'Search clear' to my letter 'x' but that does not function any more, the whole keyboard is locked. What leads to lots of irritation if i want to search again or select a favourit playlist etc.

    Any thoughts ?
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    I reported this in https://www.native-instruments.com/f...border.428141/, but there's no fix yet. Unfortunately the only solution is to go back to Traktor 3.2.1.

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