Bricked MIDI Fighter Twister
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    Exclamation Bricked MIDI Fighter Twister

    I believe my MIDI Fighter Twister is bricked. It connects to Windows, but doesn't get recognized (Device descriptor unknown).
    It also doesn't light up at all. Other than that the unit is in flawless condition.
    The usual

    "1. Right click on "USB Audio Device" and select to uninstall the device.
    2. Disconnect Twister from USB and restart PC.
    3. When Windows boot up, connect your Twister into a different USB port on the back of your PC case. (if you use a laptop, just use a different USB port this time)"

    did not work for me... it appears the MIDI Fighter Twister doesn't properly communicate via usb. The same problem appeared when connecting it do a different machine.

    Is there any way to directly reflash the device using the internal debug pins?
    Doing whatever it is you do to initially put the bootloader/firmware onto the device again should work...
    I have the equipment for and some knowledge about flashing microcontrollers.

    I have already contacted support about this, but I believe this could be a useful forum thread as well, if anyone else were to run into the same problem. I couldn't find anything about bricked MIDI Fighter Twister's anywhere else.

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    Lightbulb Update: Support helped!

    Turns out you can manually put the Twister into bootloader mode by holding down the 4 corner buttons when you plug in the device (similar to the regular MIDI Fighter).
    From there just upload any firmware using MF Utility.

    Thanks again to Stevan for helping with this

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