I know where i can find the settings for 2fx decks or 4 in the settings. But since im a big fan of using controllers Im just curious if the following is possible. Here is my setup and issue (sorry for my bad english, not my native language.)

I have a S4 mk3, a Kontrol F1 for the remix decks, a Numark Orbit controller with the Nebula mapping and since a few days a Kontrol X1. Got the X1 for a bargain including the original travelbag.

Now while i was playing along with the x1, which i want to use for one single fx deck and one group fx deck, i figured out that i also would love to use the Numark Orbit for its Nebula mapping. But that uses 4 fx decks. So there is my problem.... it seems i cant use it both at the same time.

Is there any easy “one button”- way to switch between 2 to 4 fxdecks, instead of going into the settings-section?