Best affordable backpack for Rane 62 and laptop?
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    Default Best affordable backpack for Rane 62 and laptop?

    Hi guys, I am looking for my husband for Christmas a backpack to carry his rane 62 mixer and macbook in as he travels to a lot of weddings. I need something under 200 dollars if possible because I don't have a ton to work with, but I really want to get him a nice bag! I have been looking into magma, odyssey, and orbit concepts. I was thinking about Jetpack Prime but have read mixed reviews. If anyone knows a good place to buy, is selling theirs, or can recommend one that won't rip super quick please let me know!! I know anything would be better than what he has now though so any advice is welcomed. Thank you!!

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    I've had the Jetpack Prime XL for a while, stuffed it to the max and it works great. I did however throw an extra lil egg crate foam on top of the mixer just to overOVER protect it, but I can vouch served me well DJ'ing walking from downtown parking to the clubs. I think I bought it during a black Friday sale too.

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