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    Hi again,

    It's me. How you been? I've been away obviously, doing my adulting thing taking a basically decade break from dj'ing and controllerism. But given the time that we live in. With clubs going away, especially lgbtq clubs because you can't pay your alcohol distributors when you arent selling any drinks. I think we as dj's, promoters, and producers have an unprecedented time ahead of us. It's going to be up to up to keep our respective scenes going or starting new ones.

    I think if there was ever a time for a "DJ Techtools 4.0" it's now. Time to get this place bangin again. So a few things that come to mind.

    1. Modding and makers are the foundation that Ean built this place on with feedback from friends of his like Moldover. So why arent there any teardown videos? Any new controller that comes out (the DDJ-FLX6 is a great opportunity to start with) should get a teardown video done, like ifixit does with phones. Then you can also look into things like "can a replacement fader or innofader be modded in?". That will generate youtube views and revenue and drive more traffic to the site.
    2. That facebook comment integration on the blog articles has got to go. It's 2020, theres no way there isnt a script to use a forum thread from in here out there. Right now it's just driving traffic away from the forums. Which is a bad thing.
    3. How do you guys not have an online dj school now? That should totally get fixed. You can partner with several existing teaching platforms to just roll one out with pretty minimal work.
    4. Offer DJJesC tamales to come back and help moderate and write for the blog. He's pretty easy, just offer him a signed Morrissey picture to sweeten the deal, he'll show back up.

    Thats just a few ideas I have off the top of my head. But the bigger thing is I think we as dj's and this site need to rethink what our role actually is in a post covid, post vaccine world that will be filled with so many people that arent going to feel comfortable jamming as many people as possible in a poorly ventilated building so sweaty people can dance and make money.

    I think this site has a real opportunity to be the lighthouse that guides our dance scenes through the fog that is the new world and show everyone the way.

    Lemme know how I can help.
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    Welcome back...
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