Books for learning Ableton
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    Default Books for learning Ableton

    (If this has been discussed before, my bad... I searched!)

    Anyway, I'm trying to move on past my days of FL and move on to Ableton. Watching videos on youtube helps, but I'm more of the hands-on, "hard copy" learner, so I'm looking for a decent book to guide me through the basics to more intermediate stuff.

    Any suggestions?
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    ableton live power is probably the best, or so i think. i learned most of my stuff from youtube and the mstrkrft forum lol. and here. tom cosm and will marshall have some tutorials. and if you want a cool collection of dj fx look up tarekith. he also has extremely helpful tutorials. side note: the ableton forum has some stuff too, but most people on there really suck. =P

    if you get that book, i think you should be set. there are some other books out there than can help with synthesis and stuff like that. =D

    good luck with everything! i'm still a noob but i'm always willing to help =D. im sure there are other ableton people on this forum that are willing to help too

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    If you want something to read, a good and cheap alternative could be the Musictech mag's Ableton issues. They're packed with little tutorials and come with DVDs. They've made one of Ableton 7 and 8. Books about the current versions 7&8 are bit rare, and might be more expensive than you'd hope for.

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    I've been looking for a book like this too... & I founded that there is a much more DVDs than books on the subject...
    You should maybe take a look a those Tutorial DVDs @ Timespace
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    check out Groove3....

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