Hi newbie here. I have a simple question that I hope you can answer.I have a Midi Fighter Twister and in Traktor when I use the encoder knob / switch it behaves thus

encoder = fx send amount

switch = either resets to zero or if the value is at zero sets the value to 127

This allows me to punch in and out FX and fade them up.

When I try to set this up in Ableton I can set the MFT to reset so I can fade up and reset to zero or, have the switch to toggle 0 or 127. But if I have faded up to say 50% it then jumps to 100% and I have to press it twice to reset to zero.

Is there a way alter this behaviour to match that of Traktor. I think Traktor has some conditional behaviour that allows this functionality. Is there a way to do this with Ableton or in the MFT app?

Many thanks for your help in advance. Best.S