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    Can anyone offer some views on decent mixer options for me?

    I'm selling a Xone 43, because while I love the sound, I dislike the stiff and slow channel faders, which are also of very low quality in my opinion. I like to cut between tracks with channel faders, so prefer the loose "fast" type.

    Ive reverted back to using a Behringer DDM4000 for now, but in contrast to the Xone, it sounds horrible!

    I play vinyl, and digital via XDJ 1000MK2s.

    My requirements are pretty much:

    4 channels
    effects loop
    3 band EQ preferred.
    aux channel would be nice but not essential.
    effects - nice but not too important.

    I'd be looking for used with a max budget of £800. I could take a small hit on sound quality, but it would need to sound a lot better than a DDM4000!

    I suspect, a Pioneer DJM would meet my requirements, but in my budget its going to be an 800 or 900 nexus. I've never heard these mixers myself, except general comments that they dont sound so good, especially with vinyl. So I also wonder if anyone has tried different preamps with these?

    There is also the factor that while I like Pioneer stuff, I do feel its incredibly overpriced for what it is. In an ideal world I'd buy a DJM 900 nexus2, but Its too much money, and I suspect Pioneer will be releasing a newer model soon, so perhaps not the best time to buy one..

    Any views would be appreciated.

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    Of course I am biased but look at Denon lineup: from older generation like the x1600 that is more for DJ software use because of dedicated midi buttons & encoders to the X1700 that is on-par with the best A&H and Xone units in regards to sound quality and overall components that are built in. FX section is basic but both sound great with real vinyl (as much a digital mixer can, expect purist to lift their noses in disgust).

    Only downside is their internal sound interfaces are not supported under macOS anymore so no DVS or streaming directly from mixer into laptop.
    If you see yourself using DJ software in the future try the new generation X1800 and X1850 (basically X1800 mk2) that sounds good but the build quality is not on the level of previous generation.
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