getting back into things, need hardware advice
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    Default getting back into things, need hardware advice

    Hi all getting the bug again with all the fancy hardware out now that i could only dream of at the time i put the headphones downabout 10 years ago
    but i am undecided on what to get..
    my current set up is a very very worn out denon dn-sc2000 that the cue button is dead and play only works half the time an ecler nuo 5 (very sexy feel but no channel leds isnt great) with an american audio versaport (very not sexy interference noise) and a maschine running the beuabryte mapping)

    realistically i know the rest of the set up is good but the denon just needs to go its actually a really well made bit of kit but is very cramped
    i always wanted to learn to scratch so at the moment im looking at either getting a rane twelve mkII and using the real mixer setup or scrapping that and getting the kontrol s4 mk3 which does seem like a lot more value for money and would be a lot more portable which would be nice as my old set up was built around playing club sets with a laptop without needing dvs control as i was on a limited budget
    i also like the look of the ddj 1000 and i know that it would be the logical option to be in the rekordbox ecosystem but i have always been a traktor fanboy and the motorized jogs just sellls it for me
    the twelve really gets me going though the only thing that holds me back is that its not as much bang for the buck and i would have to get a new soundcard also to have 4 deck playback its hard to justify the costs when its just gonna be for bedroom use
    as for the s4 i really like it seems like the best value for money and i also do have a pair of numark tt200s in storage that i could fit one of in my setup i had a friend that used serato with one deck and he just pressed a keyboard button to switch deck control over im assuming the same would be possible in traktor but not too hyped on this idea as the decks have not aged well the rubber coating has gone sticky , have bad reviews and would have to buy needles for them anyways
    so yeah just wondering what you guys would do in my situation
    thanks for reading gang

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    Hi pher0

    For the SC2000 I can give you a solid advice or two. First, factory tact switches under the buttons are the fault, they have a durability of only 10.000 presses. Replacement ones have 50.000 so when you replace it (very easy by any electronic service) you will not have issues any more. On ebay search for Alps SKHHBWA010 (6mmx6mmx3.5mm, 1.57N). Buy 10 and replace all the play/cue/hotcue switches.

    For the rest of your post it very difficult to objectively suggest anything. Ecler Nuo 5 is a good mixer and would still be a good heart of any DVS setup. Lack of dedicated channel volume LED can be solved by using autogain in Traktor and setting the layout to internal mode to show VU meters for decks.

    If I was in your situation I would replace the American audio Versaport interface with something better (but only if the problem is hardware and it could be just driver latency by the way you said it), like the NI Audio 10mk2 and add those Numark tt200. Continue using SC2000 just for transport control, loading tracks and applying FX. There will be times when that little controller is all that you need, for those small gigs in places that already have a house mixer etc
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    For the Denon DN-SC2000 I made a tutorial how to replace those tact-switches, so you can bring back alive the cue and play button easily:

    Yes, the pics are gone by now, but the link to the PDF tutorial got you covered:
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