!NEED ADVICE! with reconnecting Cdj 2000 Nexus cd drive please. :(
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    Default !NEED ADVICE! with reconnecting Cdj 2000 Nexus cd drive please. :(

    So, l cannot find any videos showing how to reconnect the cd drive on the bottom of the cd 2000, well I'm repairing a nexus for a friend and discovered some spilled beer in the cd player assembly, as I was cleaning the smallest ribbon cable underneath the cd drive unhooked from the bottom and I have no idea where it goes, sadly. I've looked everywhere including the repair manual and it is in there but in a very vague diagram, can anyone help me? I believe I need to unscrew the bottom plate to reconnect it but I want to make sure first. Again, it's not the grey cable and or the other large grey ribbon cable, it is the thinest ribbon cable connected to the dc motor assembly that moves the laser partition back and fourth. Many thanks in advance for whoever can give me a solid answer so I can put it back together and be done with it. I could take the chance and figure it out myself and seeing if I can solve it but I refuse to take that chance on my friends decks and will take my nxs2's apart to see before that if I have to to honestly. So would anyone happen to have this knowledge that I seek please? Any help is definitely much appreciated. Thankyou

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    Hey DizzyDisco, welcome to the forum. Could you show us a picture of the cable and connector?
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