mapping LED lights in traktor
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    Default mapping LED lights in traktor

    i'm trying to get into making my own midi mappings and i'm having some trouble. right now i'm messing around with my korg padkontrol and i'm having no luck getting traktor to manipulate the LEDs.

    for instance, i've assigned a button to turn on the Effects unit 1 for deck a. that was easy enough, but i want the LED of that button to reflect the status, so it's lit up on my PK when the effect unit for that deck is active. i know i need to "add out" and then find the CC, but maybe the CC for the LED is different than the CC for the button? i'm running traktor pro 1.2.1, btw

    after trying to look for answers, i'm wondering if my padkontrol is locking me out of controlling the LEDs.. would i need to set it to native mode to gain access to the LEDs? or perhaps get something like farmpad? i'm still real new at this, so i dont know much about native mode or farmpad. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    ** EDIT **
    i downloaded farmpad and this was extremely easy to figure out. sorry for jumping to the boards so soon! if anyone else has any other tips about the padkontrol or farmpad, i would still appreciate the help.
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    add out...

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    Add out, and your LED cc is different from the pad cc.
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