Richie Hawtin Ableton Live effects. How?
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    Default Richie Hawtin Ableton Live effects. How?

    ok... technical question... how on you create the same or similar effects to Richie ln Ableton live?
    start at 23:26

    I've got push 2 that does the drum repeats (rolls)
    so actually looking at the other parts.

    its all the effects that he demos separately after the dry rolls by themselves after using launchpad pro and ending with the modular
    started at that time stated as its to do with the rolls and a couple of one shots in there too.

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    So. I hear pitch going up and down. On the drum rack, pick a drum sample, assuming it's inside a Simpler. Right-click (ctrl-click on the mac) the Transpose value, and chose Map to Macro 1 (or whatever macro is free). Then right-click it again and chose map to all siblings***. Midi-map the pot on the controller of your chosing to that macro button. Voilá. If you're using the other sampler, or another instrument, the workflow is the same, you just need to find the "transpose" button, sometimes it's called pitch or something else.
    the last sound just sounded like a sound like and 808 kick with a long release time, and he just wiggled the pitch while the sample was playing. He'd turned on some delay and reverb that made it sound big and fun.
    This trick involves notes, so there may be a "banding" sound, when you hear the sample jumping between notes. You may also try just assigning a pitch-bend midi thing, that one doesn't have banding, or find a way to map pitch in a sample player which isn't connected to notes.

    *** this only works in Live 11. In previous versions you need to do a bit of hacking to get the "map to siblings" option into Live, you can easily google it if that's the case.

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