Problems with the on / off LED display when working with Studio One
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    Default Problems with the on / off LED display when working with Studio One


    I bought the Midi Fighter Twister so that I can control the Studio One EQs with it and I am very satisfied so far. Unfortunately there is a small problem with the display of the on / off lights.

    I have configured some of my rotary controls so that I can switch the band of an EQ on and off with one click, while I control the frequency with the same rotary movement. And it works perfectly - I can control all parameters and also get the correct feedback sent back to the midi fighter when I switch through the tracks.

    However, there is a minor display issue. If I switch to a track that has my desired frequency band switched on, and therefore I see the light on the corresponding rotary controller, nothing changes when I press this rotary control. The frequency-band is switched on / off in Studio One, but the light remains on.

    But if I turn of this frequancy band, switch to another channel and then back again, I see this frequency band correctly again, i.e. not illuminated. After that, strangely enough, I can use the dial correctly. When I press it it lights up, when I press it again it stops glowing.

    I can also turn of the light on Midi-Fighter if i turn off the frequency-band in Studio One. After that the Midi-Fighter LED work as expected untill i reload the song.
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    Hello Richard,

    I'm sorry to hear that mapping your unit gives you a bit of trouble.

    1. Have you already tried both type of message for the MF Utility, CC and Note?
    2. Do you have configured a hold type message in MF Utility?
    3. What midi channel do you send a Switch message on? Is it a different than rotaries?

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