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MIDI channels are presented as 0 to 15 in the user manual.
In the recent manual 1.05 (User Guide 2020) this is still stated on page 2
This user guide and the Midi Fighter Utility refers to these 16 channels as channels 0 through
Well, but in the rest of the manual all channels are noted 1-based and this is also frequently said, eg. on pg. 6
Note: MIDI channels noted as 1-16.
except the last sentence in the appendix on last page
Note: Animations are sent on the same CC as the Switches for both encoders and switches
but on Ch.2 for RGB LEDs and Ch. 5 for LED Rings (e.g. Animations for the top left button
and encoder on Bank 1 are sent to CC0 Ch2 and CC0 Ch5 respectively). MIDI channels
noted as 0-15.
Regarding this very last sentence: As the table on pg. 22-24 suggests, the cc values are defined for animation/brightness control of both, RGB and Indicator. And in fact, the rings react also to messages on ch 3, in a quite unpredictable way. (I'm not sure, if also vice versa). So it is better to make sure that only the according animation/brightness cc values for RGBs (0-47) and the Rings (48-95) are sent to the channel they belong to, to avoid side effects.

Much more important, I had problems to set the color of the RGBs at all first. The manual stated:
It is also possible to override the color of the RGB segment by sending a MIDI message (Note or CC) of the same MIDI number, on channel 2 .
But it is not the same whether you use CC or Notes! In fact, it depends on how you set the Encoder Switch Action Type. When it is set to CC Hold, it needs the color information as CC, when set to Note Hold, it only reacts on Note messages (with the velocity as the color value).
I didn't test the other modes. (They don't make so much sense in a modular environment).

Hope this helps!
(and that some day sequencer swing will be available, at last, in an updated firmware )