I am looking for a DJ controller with the following features:

-4 decks ("full, without" Shift + X etc ")
-good integration in Virtual DJ possible
-separate controls for the 3 possible ones (nothing with Shift + X ect) .... because probably pioneer DDJ-FLX6 and Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 fell out .....
-not too big a construction
-many buttons / much controllable
-very good value for money

Since I am a beginner, "injured" features like connection of other contactors DJ hardware are not heard. I will also use the latop again and again because a display is not compulsorily treated.

In my search I came across:

-Numark NV 2
-Numark NS6 II
-Reloop Touch
-Reloop Mixon 4
-Pioneer DDJ-SR2
-Gemini G4V
-Gemini Slate 4
-Native instruments of Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3

At first glance, my favorites are Numark NV 2 and Reloop Mixon 4.

Do you have any tips?

Thanks in advance and greetings