Taking DJ gear on holiday to the EU from the UK
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    Default Taking DJ gear on holiday to the EU from the UK

    Hey there,

    Going to Ibiza for a week at the start of June, which we delayed by a year due to Covid. Obviously no clubs are going to be open, so we're taking some bits with us (couple XDJ1000 MK2s and some small LED lights. Hiring speakers and mixer out there.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any restrictions on taking equipment from the UK into the EU since January 1st?

    Loads of paperwork for musicians to take equipment and instruments there if they have a work visa, but I'm unsure how this would affect my situation, as I won't be doing any gigs, just having a party week with 14 people.

    Any information would be appreciated.


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    I recommend contacting your government directly, or asking somewhere where the majority is UK based. Since this is a very localised problem, very few users here are both a) UK based and b) traveling with equipment.

    Here in iceland though, I used to register my laptop with the customs on the way out of the country, so they wouldn't try to charge me for it when I came back.

    I'm 90% sure you could figure this out while at the airport... but since these are weird times, you'd probably want to be certain beforehand.

    I suspect airport customs are not all that busy at the moment, maybe they can be called on the phone. They'd know.

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