Everything's gone digi! Lost for kit puchaces.
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    Default Everything's gone digi! Lost for kit puchaces.

    Lost down a digital rabit hole. Been researching / posting 24hrs+ Now desperate just to get started!

    Please Ref to my profile: Previously Owned. My Scene/Bio

    -Ask me to clarify. LMFO I know its a big post. Tried to split up. Now desperate to get something playing!

    "I am thank full for the site. - however who is DJ Play? "

    Im looking for help setting up my Mackie HR824 -
    and Mackie HR524.

    listning /producing and mixing live sets.
    - Music mixing: Music Ref Mixing and Eventually remixing/producing. (HR824 - rear port.}

    Techno/Hard house - Not side chained 16th trance-ish Clarity on Hats. If not ref then track looseses all erergy. Kam-Pain, Nikkdbubble at 150-155 BMP

    Tribe/Hardtek ZONE 33, ROMS AKA BEN 9mm Early Speedfreak 170bmp

    Dub/Reggae/jungle - I'm a Jungalis! Congo Natty, Ragga Twins, Shy FX, Jahba. Reggae Soom T, Charlie P Mungo Hi Fi, more up beat tunes major key sounding

    HIPHOP Tribe Called quest, Dabbla, Dirty dike, BVA (PETE CANON, Split Prophets & Res one

    __________________________________________________ ___
    I NEED cables, audio interface, mixer

    I need help Signal Path - Laptop - USB 2

    Just for DAC/ac - speaker connection - simple digital mixer - cdj

    D.I it up later if I want to record Guitar/Mike Etc. .
    USB 2 Alesis something like that. Drivers are class compliant.

    Mixer Simple Scratch 2 way do me. 3 way EQ and Gain. Numark Blue thing DOES digital mixer?

    Ends soon.

    The only thing I loved was flanger! big glowing push it would like to be able to set the mixer to draw the edit line..


    Speaker R XLR

    USB soundcard - mixer DJ -

    speaker R (xlr or tsjack)


    I BOUGHT Z1 - thinking I'm abable to...HID 24bit etc whist paying of some CDJS .
    Itsnnot working with line out only. Not going to risk now selling.

    Historicly I've..

    The digi FX Reloops Bluetooth filters all of that rubbish! I'd sooner have hardware or sperate samples ive bounced running into live. A lot,of Native Instruments up to audio 4 isn't driver or compliant.

    I never saw my mixers as "scratch type" I like to chop up tekno and use the 3 band eq. I would record into sound forge and use fx after during the mastering stage.
    I had access to studio fx both hardware and good amount of vsti.

    all discountiued so prob going for a windows 7 build next. Sony waves, Antaras Filters.

    "I'm going from memory. All tracks I would run via Sound Forge. Split into L-R. Find Large Peak and Master from there. The CDJs previously playing Acid techno and Dark Psytrace. I soon started mixing with harder styles shranz-hardtek. I had Technically landed. On my feat living with a studeoengineer had access to dbx eq, tube compression , technics AND MORE. My first produced tracks displayed micro korgs, baby b and analog sounds. mixed out on JBL 2k all way to Funkton one, Void and lots of free party cobbled systems"

    THE idea of this digital sound isn't ideal but never could mix vinyl..learntcdj.

    Only reason for Laptop is sound out, playlist, Own Mixtapes. Handy for collecting ideas. I mix CDJ and can see the drops. Also will see LINE LEVEL? sound forge used to be my go to.

    "- My knowledge was on a Delta 44 PCI Mackie Mixer and while The 4 in 4 out break out box. I placed HR824 1m w & 30cm wall. I now now that isn't best as rear ported. I was happy as though!!! 17 and just producing and learning to mix with access to high end kit was brilliant."

    __--___--_--_-----_--_____------____ LOW LATENCY! ---__ WINDOWS 10 ppfftt!

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    Uhhhhh, what?
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