Standalone Mixer Mode?
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    Default Standalone Mixer Mode?

    Hi Folks, just now getting around to trying the standalone mixer mode. I have the V2 firmware (showing 00 07 01 02 in FirmUp), but I can't get any output when I switch the toggle to "decks C/D".

    My external source plays just fine when I set it to "master," so I'm wondering if there is something I need to press to get the standalone mixer mode to work?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Follow-up in case anyone else needs this down the road!

    There are two different types of firmware on the VCI-400, I'm not 100% how they are classified but basically one controls the soundcard/audio routing and the other controls the midi mapping.

    Even though I had the V2 firmware installed, I still needed to upgrade my firmware using the vci400_d006.bin file and the process outlined in this video:

    The process was quick, worked perfectly, and functions as expected. Have used it at a few house parties and it's solid!

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