As I said I'm a super noob and trying to figure this all out at once. I have figured a lot of things out by the loops has me the most confused. When I first got my gear (Reloop elite and Reloop MK2 8000's) When I would hit the loop button on the mixer all they buttons would turn blue and I could press a different one and hold it for various loop lengths. Now when I hit the loop feature all the button are either off, rainbowed or blinking. I can't get back to the all blue various loop length feature (if that makes sense). That and I don't understand how to use saved loops and saved flips.

Is there is someone out there that knows all the feature of this mixer? I would pay you for your time if we could hop on zoom for a few. Again my biggest confused is how to create and use saved loop, saved flips, and how the different loop functions work. Please help I have been trying to figure it out for weeks. Thanks!