For some reason when an Ableton live parameter is modified by an external Midi device set to relative 3FH/41H mode it will not send out the Midi feedback for that parameter. (Presumably to avoid infinite midi loops in some cases) Unfortunately this makes the relative encoder mode on the MIDI twister sort of useless with Ableton Live as the LEDs do not update when you turn a knob. (They will only update when you click and move the parameter in live)

To be clear I've broken down what happens:

I turn the Midi Twister Knob and the mapped Live parameter updates: GOOD
When I turn the knob the Midi Twister LEDs do not update as Live does not send parameter feedback back to the twister: BAD
When I change the Live parameter with the mouse the Midi Twister LEDs do update: GOOD

I realise this is an Ableton Live issue as it won't send out Midi feedback of a parameter which is being controlled from an external device.

Does anyone know how to fix this or whether this can be solved with a custom Ableton remote script?

Many thanks!