Remap XDJ-1000mk2 in HID mode ?
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    Default Remap XDJ-1000mk2 in HID mode ?

    Hey gang, I'm thinking about getting a pair of XDJ-1000mk2's.
    The question is, can any of the buttons be remapped when they are connected to Traktor by HID ?

    I can't find a definitive answer anywhere but I have seen someone say that they cannot be mapped when in HID which is a deal breaker for me as I have become very comfortable with some remapped buttons on my Z2 mixer. The Z2 may take a back seat for a DJM-900 on a few occasions when I need 2 microphone inputs so I need those remapped buttons to transfer to the XDJ.

    If the XDJ's don't work out I may pick up a pair of CDJ 2000 or 2000nxs. I assume that some of the buttons on these can be mapped in HID as I have seen the Endo has a mapping for the 2000s. Tell me if I am wrong or right please as I have very little experience with CDJ 2000's. Never really wanted any before.

    Oh, and I don't want to get into the Denon Prime conversation please. I'm purely a Traktor fanboy (as you know) so I need Traktor HID compatibility and I certainly don't want an all-in-one Pioneer controller as I need the options of a modular setup (Mixer and XDJ/CDJ or 1210).

    Thank you please.


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    Id assume definitely yes but I can check for you if you ping me in a week or so

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