Hi Tribe,

I just got a Xone PX5 Allen & Heat Mixer. Love it great sound the only thing I notice is that on the 3 band eq the frequencies curve are pretty dramatic.

I like to eq a lot when I mix, and do long blends/mixes 2, 3 minutes, I feel when I am mixing a track with another by the time I cut the bass from one song and bring the bass of the other track or middle frequency it feel and sounds to fast and make the mix sound not as smooth as I use to mix with different mixers. Not suer If i I can make my point across its hard to explain when english is not my first language. I don't know if I had lost my touch for the many years I haven't been Djing, or is just the way the eq in this model is. Hopefully it takes me more practice and I am the problem and it's not a characteristic of this mixer eq in particular I din't feel that with the xone 92 .I know you can compare because the 92 has 4 band eq, but honestly that was my first year djing and only had it for one year ,and I wasn't even using the 4 band eq I use to eq just with the base and highs when I was learning. My point is that I feel I can't make it sound smooth and harmonic when I made long and smooth mixes with this mixer.

It would be great to hear from other users that have this model if they had this feeling in the beginning.

Thanks in advance