Utilizing MIDI to control XDJ 1000mk2 functions (hot cue, slip mode, etc)
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    Default Utilizing MIDI to control XDJ 1000mk2 functions (hot cue, slip mode, etc)


    I've been utilizing Ableton for most of my DJ sets for some time now. I recently purchased some XDJs to gain familiarity with the pioneer systems. I really like the XDJs but wish I had some external control over the hot cues/slip mode instead of using the touch screen.

    Currently I use beatlink trigger to send MIDI clock from the XDJs to Ableton so I can use Ableton as a sampler but i was wondering if I can spit MIDI signals back to the XDJs to control hot cues, loops, and control slip mode from any midi controller (I use a Push).

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    No, Pioneer players don’t listen to MIDI. You can connect a DDJ-SP1 or XP1 to trigger hotcues and other functions though.

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    You would need to figure out what messages are being sent by the SP1 and XP1. Also, you would need to find out how they are recognized by the players. Then you would write the mitm software to pose as a sp1 or xp1.
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    That would be helpful as well. There is an open issue for figuring out how the SP1/XP1 control the other players via PRO DJ LINK. If someone captures those messages, that functionality can be added to Beat Link Trigger.

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    * Buy DDJ-XP1
    * Connect to computer via USB
    * Run MIDI monitoring software. I suggest MIDI Monitor for OSX because if it's ability to spy on active connections without the use of virtual ports.
    * Document messaging.

    To actually USE that messaging may be a little more complicated, because I'm going to guess that Pioneer is either encrypting the data through their LINK, or they're requiring the messaging to come from a specific device. I'll leave it to you to work those details out, but they can be worked out.

    **of course, this all assumes the units are communicating via MIDI.**
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    List of MIDI messages can also be found by searching for DDJ SP1 List of MIDI messages.
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