Hi guys

I paid for a RB5 license a couple of years ago. Last year I looked at RB6 and decided for a number of reasons I'd rather stick with RB5. Now I've been offered a monthly residency at a great new venue, but I can only play there if I use turntables (timecode is acceptable). I've gone out and bought a couple of 2nd hand decks, but now that I'm reminded of all the negative points about RB6 I'm questioning what to do next. The new venue is looking for more obscure tunes that I have, but wouldn't normally play.

I don't want to have all my music in RB6 for all the usual negative reasons you hear about, so I thought I could install RB6 as well as RB5. My music collection is held on an external 2TB drive, so what I thought I could do is create a new music folder on the C drive, and only copy the obscure tracks in there, and only run RB6 at that gig using the folder on the C drive.

Does this sound like a good solution. Do you think I should be looking at a different platfrom altogether? I'd be keen to get some feedback.