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    I frequently DJ outdoors and at events like Burning Man in tough conditions. I'm looking to buy a new audio interface.

    I already have a MOTU Microbook II and Focusrite Scarlet. The MOTU is great - it has a very sturdy metal case, and is mostly closed off to the elements. The big downside of it is that the physical knob on the interface is endless, and needs to be pressed to toggle between control of main out and headphone volume. Not having a physical stop, or a clear indication of what mode it is in, is not a lot of fun live.

    The Scarlet had physical volume knobs for both headphone and main out, but failed on me at a gig, so i'm feeling a little untrusting.

    I'm considering maybe buying the a replacement MOTU, or perhaps going into a small mixer after my interface to give me the dedicated physical controls I want. But, before making the call thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else has an idea of an interface that might meet my needs:

    STURDY as possible, metal case like MOTU MicroBook IIc is the best I've found

    Distinct physical hardware knob for main out AND headphone out

    Really need no inputs, XLR or 1/4"

    Stereo XLR out (def could be 1/4")

    Reliable drivers for use w/ Mac

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    Playa dust will ruin anything electrical, either buy something cheap and disposable or pay extra for a custom container for electronics you care about keeping.
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