I like the simple and flat design of the PIoneer CDJ-850 BK.

I recently got a set of PIoneer CDJ-850 BK recently and
I just can't accept the display, shape and knob design of 900 and 3000.

However, the 850 is not compatible with Traktor's HID.
I bought it knowingly, but I am having problems with jogging in midi.

Is it technically possible, let alone difficult,
to modify Traktor's program to create a hid mode by myself?
Or is it completely impossible to customize existing software?

Is it possible if you can decipher the code of the program,
like a mapping application (cmdr)? I am not familiar with the program,
so please just tell me if it is possible.

I'm also thinking of making a hid controller in Max for Live to control the timecode data.

Currently, I am using djay's hid mode to control the timecode.
By the way, it supports all LEDs, and midi customization is possible,
but I'd like to reduce the number of running software as much as possible!
I plan to use it only at home.

now setting: