The track is a combo/cross of electronic and orchestral (scoring) stuff, based on a rather unusual harmonic/rhythmic structure.

The following is the gear I used on this track:
Dave Smith Evolver for the intro lead.
Moog The Roge for the lead at 01:00.
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak for the organ/lead at 1:44.
Nord Lead 3 for the lead at 02:14.
Roland SH-101 for the theremin-esque ending lead at 2:58.
Omnisphere and Albion for pads, piano and orchestra.
FX: Strymon BigSky and TimeLine.
Synth tracking chain: Synth, TimeLine, BigSky, API Channel Strip, ELI Fatso, Burl ADC.
ITB mix and master (UAD SSL G Buss Compressor, Fabfilter L2).

Hope you guys like it.
Best, always,