Hey group!

Thinking of upgrading from my DDJ SX3 to the SRT 1000 for my mobile events.

(I also have the S9 and Rane One)

Why I cant stand the SX3-
They took away the crossfader curve and don't like the 3 stock settings.
(tried changing the curve in utilites mode but didn't like the outcome)

The Mic outputs are TERRIBLE and not usable.
Small jog wheels

Questions about the SRT 1000
There is no crossfader adjustment but my buddy uses one and seems to get a good adjustment with the Serato fader in settings?
Any thoughts?

Is the processer/preamp for the microphones good enough where you can do a gig (Wedding) WITHOUT using an external mixer?
This would be a attractive feature if I didn't have to setup an external mixer for evey event.

Lastly, does anyone know if Pioneer is dropping new controllers in 2022?

I'll be pissed if I uprgade now and a new controlel comes out in January lol

Thanks in advance!