What techniques would you use in this situation?
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    Default What techniques would you use in this situation?

    So.....thinking about the situation where you are currently carrying alot of energy in your set, you want to maintain that energy level (maybe even take it up a notch with your next track selection) - you`ve already chosen the perfect track to mix in, but the incoming track is in a different key and its discordant. You dont want to take the easy option and chose another track which is in key, you really want to play this track....

    What methods, tricks do people have to deal with this situation?

    I was motivated to post this question becuase I`ve previously been put off mixing in the new track in a "safe zone" (like just drums) becuase i felt that pulls alot of energy out of the mix, and its precicely that energy level I was looking to maintain with my mixing. I know there are other ways out of this situation (the easiest one being, chose another track which is in a compatible key) but I wanted to see if I could find a method which works for me so I can navigate though my collection when playing a set without those pesky key restrictions....

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    i only mix EDM; hard house, trance, and hardcore. if the next tune i'm bringing in isn't bouncy enough i'll pitch it up a little bit. for hardcore/hard house that works every time.

    i very rarely, if ever, even consider key. sometimes for a change i'll do an entire key-matched set, but it's not very often. with new tracks i tend to get them into the set early. especially if i'm not totally familiar with them.
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