Midi Fighter serious bug
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    Default Midi Fighter serious bug

    Hi, I had my MF two days ago and Iím presently starting a tour. But tonight, something weird had happened: while I was playing on it, when I hit the 8th button (the orange button of the first bank) (thereís a cymbal sample on this one) the MF restarts itself suddenly.

    I can repeat easily the bug it is not every time though but about 1 time in two.

    In my kit, the MF is directly connected to a BlackBox which is powered directly to its power adaptor.

    Sadly, I canít search this forum to know if someone had this problem and found a solution because thereís no search bar.

    Anyway, please help, I still have two week of gigs to do and thought the Midi Fighter was reliable (upon all reviews I read), and Iím sure it is, but Iím stressed out.

    Does someone here ever encounter this bug? If yes, what is the solution or workaround?

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    Default WellÖ

    I’m surprised that nobody had this issue or could suggest any solution, test or workaround.

    I suppose it’s more like deal with your problem kind of discussion.

    Anyway, I’ll try to verify voltages and signals when back home and I’ll post my results (and hopefully the solution) here for posterity.


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