Problem live streaming with OBS, Traktor, M1 Mac, Timecode.
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    Default Problem live streaming with OBS, Traktor, M1 Mac, Timecode.

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem that drives me crazy for the last couple of months. My problem has to do with live streaming and not able to get sound.
    My research has been extensive and frustrating. I have given up twice as I was upset for not finding a solution. Initially I spent extra money buying an M1 macbook Air because my old mac couldn't handle the pressure of live streaming. I thought that this would solve everything but still I cannot get it to work. My problem is that I don't have sound for the live stream. I play with digital vinyl. I only have the sound of the timecode signal. When I try to play without my turntables the sound is fine but when I try with the turntables (digital) all I get is the timecode signal. The sound bars on obs show that they have signal but when I try to live stream the only sound I get is the timecode signal and the obs bars are not controllable from my mixer.

    My set up:

    2 1210s turntables
    1 Pioneer DJM800 mixer
    1 Audio 6 Traktor
    1 X1 MK2 Traktor controller
    1 M1 Macbook Air (2020) (Monterey OS)
    1 4K VXF1 Panasonic camera
    2 Mackie monitor speakers

    Traktor Pro 3.5.2

    I have tried various ways, one of them is to use blackhole and set traktor to internal mode, but that doesn't give me any sound on my monitor speakers. I have contacted various people but most of them don't have experience with turntables and traktor audio 6.
    Attached you will find some photos of my setup.
    Please help!

    Thank you!

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    Did you figure this out?

    If not, tell us how you're getting your audio from your DJ setup into OBS.

    If it were me, I would get a small, cheap interface and use it for your OBS input. I really like the iRig Stream USB for this because of the accessories and the level adjustment, but you could even go with something really inexpensive like the Behringer UCA202. Come out of the RCA record out and into whatever interface you choose and you're all set.

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