First post here and it is of course looking for help

Set up is Traktor Z2 , 2 x 1200MK2's and 2 brand new Ortofon Concorde MKII digitals.

Time code works perfectly but after 10/20 minutes one turntable will loose calibration i.e the scope goes crazy and the audio distorts etc until eventually traktor will switch to internal playback.

If i swap that headshell/stylus to the other deck the problem follows.If i leave it and go away for a day and come back it works perfectly again until 10/20 mins into the set again.

If i play normal vinyl both turntables / headshells / stylus perform perfectly at all times - i've even tried playing two copies of the same record at the same time and looking for discrepancies in levels etc.

My thinking is somehow i've damaged that stylus that always loses calibration but if it was damaged then surely it would never work and wouldn't play normal vinyl as well as the other stylus??

I've searched this forum and seen posts about using traktor from a fresh boot and not coming out of sleep on my mac etc and tried all that but nothing helps.

Any thoughts or feedback appreciated.