Hey everyone,

Hope all is well. I'm having a nightmare with Serato.

I put my old SSD in a newer Macbook Pro after the original one died, after years of rock solid service. Serato has always been solid which is one of the reasons I use it, plus I invested early in a DJM S9, which I love and works really well.

However, I now can't get Serato to see my control vinyl signal. It sees the midi moves like changing inputs etc and it puts sound out when playing internally, but for the life of me I just can't see what the problem is, or at least what the solution is!

Serato support has been pretty bad, I think they are ignoring me now, I've done everything they suggested, sending them system reports four times, using their trouble shooting guides, I can't find anything online and if Serato aren't going to find a solution, I"m going to have to switch to Rekordbox so I can still use the soundcards in the DJM S9.

I"ve got a few gigs coming up next weekend and this is becoming a real pain...

Any advice or help would be appreciated....