[House] Stereodreamer :::: HOUSE IS HOME (Livestream & Audio-Only)
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    Default Stereodreamer :::: HOUSE IS HOME (Livestream & Audio-Only)

    A Stereodreamer mix featuring house, deep house, soulful house, acid house, underground house, etc. chock full-O classics with some proper newies tossed in here n' there

    Recorded 2022 // File Under: DJ Mix // For Promotional Use Only // stereodreamer.com // #stereodreamer

    Equipment — Mixer: Condesa Carmen V (modified), Analog Turntables: (2) Technics SL-1210MK5, Digital Turntables: (2) Denon SC6000 Prime

    Livestream available on YouTube:

    Audio-Only available on Mixcloud:

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