Dear all,
new here. I got a brand new DJTT midi fighter twister a few days ago, and I am trying to configure it to my specific needs.
I have no problem setting up the primary encoders. But I'm struggling like hell for the secondary ones.
I wish to be able to send a specific CC in primary mode (when the encoder is not pushed), and a different one, one the same midi channel when the same encoder is pushed.
First of, is this doable ? If so... how ?

I want, for instance the first knob to send CC1 if off color / not pushed and CC30 if on color / pushed.

For that knob, of which sensitivity is "velocity sensitive" I have selected "shift encoder toggle"
encoder midi type : CC
encoder switch midi channel : 1
switch midi nb : 30
encoder rotary midi chan : 1
encoder midi nb : 1

Am I missing something obvious here ? Any help would be immensely appreciated...
Many thx all in advance,