Hi everybody

For my daughter I have a budget to buy a used Pioneer DDJ SB2 for her birthday. She wants to work with Rekordbox because she learns this in her dj workshop and because all the clubs use it, she says. I know the SB2 is native Serato but can be made compatible with Rekordbox (with a license / account). QUESTION 1:Is this still valid info in 2022?
I read the SB2 is a more traditional controller, but has a soundcard, trim knobs and can handle 4 decks. I think for 100eu this controller should be good!

Her style is techno.

I know the DDJ 400 is native Rekordbox and a beginner favorite but costs used twice the money.. I read its layout is more like controllers used in clubs. QUESTION 2: Is this really that important? I mean we are not talking boomers / grandparents trying to handle smartphones here..

So, does the compatibility with Rekordbox of the SB2 still make sense in 2022? If not, please tell me how come
Is DDJ 400 so much better to start learning DJing because of its layout? If Yes, please tell me why.
Thnx Everybody