A question for serious DJ mixtape creators, and radio show producers.

I've been really trying to wrap my head around using LUFS as a guide for the volume of each song in my 2 hour radio show.

I produce my radio show in Ableton, and each song is its own audio track within the arrangement.

I run a fabflter Pro L2 on the master stereo outs so that I can get a sense of the LUFS levels for each song, and adjust the volume fader for that song accordingly (so that they are all hitting about -14db).

The thing is, once I render out the entire show, and look back at the waveform for the entire show I can see there is a whole lot of inconsistency in the visible size of the wave for each song. Especially notable when I play an old vintage funk song up next to a modern produced House song.

Using my ears (of course), I *think* everything is sounding fairly consistent in levels (but sometimes my ears can fatigue, so it's kind of hard to tell) - but visually seeing so much inconsistency from song to song in the wav file is a little disconcerting.

So I'm not sure I really have a question as such. Perhaps I'm more interested in knowing if I'm approaching this correctly and wondering how other DJs approach this.