Help deciding what to buy for starting up
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    Default Help deciding what to buy for starting up


    I am really keen on starting up digital DJing using controllers.

    At the moment I have an M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 keyboard and am going to get a Dell Latitude D630 from my company

    What I am looking for is advice on which external soundcard and software to get to start out with and give me the capability to learn and expand later.
    I am keen to start out with a set-up that will enable me to incorporate other software, external mixer, hardware and other controllers as time goes on.

    The reason why I am being conservative as far as controllers go is there are a lot of things coming onto market and I want to wait until the dust clears before getting something else. In addition I am only starting out. But I think it is best to concentrate on an external soundcard and software first.

    My limitations are the following:
    PC base
    I am hoping to use a total budget of $500-$600 but will go a bit more than that if the combination of soundcard and software demands it

    As far as software goes I know that djtechtools is very gung-ho on Traktor. Please provide suggestions for first piece of software to go with that will enable learning and expansion with time. Also where suggest buying from.

    As far as soundcard in the price bracket goes I have found the following suggestions:
    NI Audio 8 but I have read people doubting its drivers and compatibility with other software
    PreSonus Firebox
    MOTU UltraLite Firewire
    Roland FA-66
    Anything else that has more inputs than the Firebox but has as much to recommend it?


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    Guys answer this question, I want to know tis one too.

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    it depends on what kind of dj u wanna be...

    only a mix dj
    scratch dj
    midi control....

    if its mixing and with music.. on computer get yourself an Xponent from M-Audio.... its straight to the point... with fx and internal sound card plus its easy to use with torq...

    scratch dj geta vci-300 u wont get fx's but its a great scratch midi controller and for normal mixing... or some turntables with traktor scratch...

    or a vci-100 with a sound card.. fx's on traktor also everything u need and u can move around controls..

    it depends what u wanna do.. computer and xponent with a good pa system and your on a go.. or a vci.. turntables are great too if u got a mixer with fx's.. but heavy as hell to carry around hahhaa..

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