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    i'm completely sold on digital music and controllers. i used to mix on vinyl, but digital is the way forward. my setup consists of:

    Numark NS7
    Numark Dashboard
    Alto live mixer
    Dell laptop. going through a stereo amp. to a monitor. which is also hooked up to two smallish subs

    all that's on display here is the NS7 and on top is the dashboard

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    I just wanted to say your DJ setup looks really impressive anyway. I used the Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller and it was a fantastic choice. And pairing it with those big KRK Rokit 5 speakers means you've got a powerful system that can really fill a room with sound. So my friends were impressed, too. So what is your dj'ing experience? Even if you're just starting out, having pro gear like yours right from the beginning will allow you to grow into it as you advance your DJ skills. And you'll always have a solid, club-ready setup that will last you a long time. Kudos on investing in such great equipment as a beginner DJ. With the right practice and dedication, you'll be rocking crowds in no time. Looking forward to seeing your DJ journey progress.

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