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    Default SubZero MINICONTROL MIDI Controller

    on the off chance anybody has either heard of this brand, or even better, has a standard key mapping and controller map for it. i would be in your debt forever. i'm intending to use mine as an additional effects box. and for using as a sampler activation.

    i have two effects mapped onto my NS7. i reduced the amount of hot cues to three and the two spare buttons have an effect on each.

    just for pure entertainment value i am going to add a couple of effects and the option to use the sliders to control the effect parameters. it has nine assignable buttons, rotary knobs, and sliders.

    i've started attempting to map it, but i use VDJ and although the script language is relatively straightforward, but i think i'm a bit dense in relation to scripting. the image below is the thing itself. simplicity itself, but not for me

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