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    Hey everyone
    A buddy and I have been DJ'ing as a duo for several months now (there is another thread floating around about that). Primarily we've just been beatmatching to each other which has worked pretty well when we've both been running a master clock (Ableton usually, sometimes Traktor).

    Now that one of us is running Torq and timecode, that beat tends to wobble because it's not pinned down, and we gradually come unsynced. We've been able to use Apple's Audio MIDI setup to create a network a few times, but it's been really finicky and hasn't been worth the hassle when tempos would stay locked.

    We are hoping to have Torq send midi clock data to Ableton, but even if this isn't possible we'd like to get our network problems figured out so we can sync consistently. We're using an ethernet cable, and having one of us set up a network that the other connects to.
    Sometimes we're able to connect, get a latency reading, and start sending data, but other times (when as far as we know, nothing has changed), we get an error message about network ports and won't be able to connect.
    Any suggestions for dialing this in?

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    for networking set you pc's ip address to something with the same first 3 numbers or to make it easy get a router so it will assign ip's. and anything up to 254 i think. for subnet use

    also if connecting without a router/switch/or hub you should be using a crossover cable

    router is you best option

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