Hey all;

Its been years since i've used the forum. I started using this forum as a 16-year-old when i was playing high school parties, sharing my mixes and to be honest i haven't stopped djing/producing since! I am 26 now and i DJ/Produce Techno, Breaks, Hardgroove... jesus i'm in my own world of sound with a very new wave of faster groovier and percussive elements, very diverse.

I now live in Vancouver, moved from Toronto to further myself in my career. I haven't stopped the romance with "music" and have continued to strive on. I've kept with it and finally, after all my hard work it seems I'm getting somewhere, i guess you never stop believing.

I run a Label called PHTM and we have a mix series every week, a stream that streams every saturday: http://twitch.tv/phtmlive , and we now have releases with international artists coming http://phtm.bandcamp.com/, its deffo the next gen sound of techno!

Here is the latest mix I put up on the series:

1. Josh Wink - Intro
2. Pariah - Caterpillar
3. Secus - Contact (Uun Remix)
4. Radial - Exercise 4 (Operator Remix)
5. Kashpitzky - I Demand
6. Palma - Snake
7. Zisko - Hearth to the Groove
8. Ketch - Traffic
9. PageOne - Ukiyo (Ikari Remix)
10. JXXXO - 0800 90s (SYEP007)
11. Volster - The Wolf (Alarico Remix)
12. Visko - Be Free This Time (Vil Remix)
13. Marcal - Intrusive
14. Momec - Cardio
15. Hedström & Pflug - Libertad (Danny Wabbit Remix)
16. Tensic - Side Stepper [PHTM]
17. Linear System - Agent Orange
18. Vladimir Dubyskhin - Thousand Kisses

There's so much good stuff on the way, get involved and see where our efforts will put artists & a specific type of music on the map!

Hope to connect with you all,


Tommy Lewis [PHTM]

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/tommylewisdj/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tommylewisdj/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tommylewisdj/
Bandcamp: http://phtm.bandcamp.com/