Hey everyone, mapping novice here. I recently bought two Kontrol X1-MK2 and I will be receiving a djm mixer in a few weeks. After a while of using them Im not too fond of the default settings for TP3. I currently am still using my S4 to dj but I want to completely do away with that and solely use my F1 and two X1-MK2 and djm once it arrives.

Today I I tried to create a mapping that would work for me and how I want to play on my X1s.

After hours of trying to figure out how to overmap some features on both I still come across the default LEDs lighting up (not sure if those LEDs can even be overmapped) when those buttons are mapped to different ones or even the default settings still moving when overmapped.

I noticed I had to map some settings to one device and the other settings to the other device. Im not sure how the In-Port is suppose to be used for the devices, so maybe I missed something there.

One big thing is that everything from the Browser Encoders and down I want to remain the same as deck controls for C-A-B-D. I also would like for the LED states to correspond to the on/off state.

Any help, advice, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated.

Below I will post a photo of what I tried to accomplish and failed at.