I'm getting the button mapping figured out, sorta. Is there a way to use shift + a pad to delete a cue point? When I put it in learn mode and press shift I get a MIDI code, and when I press shift + the pad I get a different code, but the combo does nothing when I'm in RB trying to delete a cue point.

when I press a button in learning mode I get a different code when I press it and when I release it, I don't know if this is normal but when the cue I get 9414-7 when I press the 4 cues and 8414-7 when I release the button. I have to manually change the MIDI code to 941x to get my cues to work.

When I press shift by itself I get:

9F32 when I press press
8F32 when I release

when I press shift + cue 1 (which is 9414)
I get 941C, if I release the cue I get 841C.

I tried both 941C and 841C, neither's deleting the cue point. Is it not possible to use multiple buttons to delete a cue? This is how it works in Serato so I'm trying to figure out if I can duplicate the layout in RB.

I hope I explained this so it makes sense, I can't figure out anything for this, and as far as I can tell nobody's made a mapping file and uploaded it for the Scratch, I looked all over Googles. IF I get this figured out I'll post it for the 5 people who might want it lol.