Anyone here use Lyric in RB? I have a question
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    Default Anyone here use Lyric in RB? I have a question

    Pioneer's "support" is useless at best. Through no thanks to them, I have figured out how to make lyric files for Rekordbox. I am struggling with one thing though.

    I'm making the lyrics in the Petitlyrics Maker Android app, I can't test how they'll look in RB until I post them to the Petitlyrics website and click acquire lyrics in RB. I'm starting with 1 song until I get the process figured out. 1st upload needed some work, so I deleted the lyric file off the website, made a new version and re-posted them. I went into RB, clicked delete lyrics, and re-acquire. But it's still showing the old lyrics. I tried deleting the lyrics (in RB) exiting out of RB and going back in and re-acquiring them. Still the old lyrics. The last thing I tried was deleting the lyrics from the song (in RB), then removing it from my library. I restarted RB and re-added the song and acquired the lyrics again, still the old ones. So something's keeping them in RB's database. When I look up the song on the Petitlyrics website it's showing different than what RB's aquiring, so I know RB isn't syncing with what's on there.

    I understand Pioneer's stance here is "you can't add your own lyrics" so I'm probably the only one trying to do this. But is there some trick I can do here to force the library to clean itself or something? I can't make an account on Pioneer DJ's forums as it's been bonked for months. And emailing them takes forever, with me almost never getting anything helpful back.
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