I figured out how to add lyrics yourself to the karoke in Rekordbox
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    Default I figured out how to add lyrics yourself to the karoke in Rekordbox

    I'm sure others already know this, but nothing came up on Google when I searched for it, and I thought it might be useful for anyone trying to create lyric files or fix bad ones. I tested out the lyric feature in RB with random 20 tracks, 7 of them it couldn't find lyrics. 7 of the 12 left found lyrics, but they weren't animated. Of the 6 animated 1 was way off speed-wise, not even changing the MS offset worked, and 3 were not synced great with 1 having seemingly lyrics from a totally different song. And the 2 that looked correct speed-wise, 1 had some incorrect lyrics. YMMV here as I'm sure the really popular standard karaoke songs will all be fantastic as is. I didn't try the defacto ones, just 20 random songs. And for what I tried I got pretty janky results.

    After I figured this out, my 1st issue is RB uses standard LRC files, I had suspected they might use some proprietary format for legal reasons or something. NOPE, I don't know the reasons but I have hundreds of perfect LRC files that can't be used in RB. The Petitlyrics Maker app's on Android and iOS. It gets pretty poor reviews on Android, but it works well enough for me.

    It's simple just load a song, and there's an option to look up the lyrics online, most songs will have them on Google so you don't have to bother with typing them out. But, of the 3 I looked up so far tonight, 2 had a few slightly off lines, and 1 had some WTF off lyrics. You can edit the lyrics it finds on Google in the app. The app's easy to use, you can do nothing to the lyrics it finds on Google if you don't care if they're animated and post them as is. If you want to animate them, you can slow a song down to .25x if it's too fast or speed it up to 1.5x. When you finish and click post, the lyrics show up on the website as soon as you post them. RB was able to acquire lyrics for the song I did that it couldn't find before, which was a win for me.

    One of the problems I was having was the absolutely terrible quality of some of the lyrics RB was importing, and the songs that didn't have animated lyrics. Not the 20 I tested it on, I have a few dozen others songs with lyrcs too. Petitlyrics only lets the uploader of the original lyrics edit them though, which makes sense. My workaround for new lyrics to a song that exists in their database. Go to whatever song has incorrect lyrics and change the album title, I'm adding [deluxe] to the end. So when I create the synced lyrics and upload to Petitlyrics it'll see them as a different song. I'm changing the album name both on the track on my phone and in RB. Petitlyrics is very exact about the naming.

    I know most people either don't use Lyrics or probably just don't care enough to do all this, but I'm kind of OCD and want to have every song I have lyrics for be as clean as possible, and all of them to be animated. Pioneer says on their website "Can I make lyrics on my own? No. You can't upload lyrics to rekordbox by yourself." This isn't true, yes it requires a 3rd party app, but it's free and doubt most people would struggle to figure it out. IMHO it would be smart of them to explain to people while you can't do it directly in RB, it can be done. And it's not even really all that hard.

    Was thinking maybe they just said it can't be done so they don't have to answer support questions from clueless users. But I thought about the 5 times I've emailed them about other things and how piss poor their support is, they wouldn't even care lol.

    Hope this helps someone out there.
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