traktor scratch duo help "unknown medium, calib. failed'
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    Default traktor scratch duo help "unknown medium, calib. failed'

    Hi guys,

    I can see that this is a common problem, but I cannot seem to fix it. I have Traktor Scratch Duo and was working fine. I then downloaded the new updated version (1.2.3 I think) and set everything up as per normal. I then went to calibrate my vinyl and the error message ‘unknown medium, calib. failed’. I have checked the following:
    - the mode is in scratch mode.
    - audio device ‘audio 4 dj is selected
    - all cables are plugged in.
    - my needles are fairly new and have swapped them but still doesn’t work. The timecode vinyl is only 2 months old.
    - changed the latency around but this does not work either.

    So, everything seems to work fine, I can play my timecode vinyl and there is sound coming from my speakers. The only thing is it would calibrate and I cannot use ‘Absolute Mode’. I have noticed on my sound card that when the needles hit the vinyl that the lights change from ‘green’ to ‘red’. What does this mean?

    Please can somebody help me as this is a real pain in my arse..

    Thanks heaps

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    check if your needle is corectly pinned to the tonearm. Your problem seems like that one of your stereo channels from Timecode Vinil signal is missing - thats why you can play in this basic mode.

    if you use multicore cable i would disconnect and reconnect the middle part (i have seen it behaving bit dodgy, but simple reconnect fixes it)

    generaly speaking just check all your hardware sound connections and it should be fine.

    or just search DJTT blog for article that explains Timecode Vinil behavior and troubleshooting.

    gl hf, and merry xmass mate
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